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Excel 2013 - Functions Explained …



Financial - These are used for depreciation, accrued interest, annuities, rates of return and future values.


Logical - These are used to perform conditional analysis and apply logical conjectures to your data.


Text - These are used for entering, searching, replacing and manipulating text strings.


Date and Time - These are used for entering and calculating dates and times.


Lookup and Reference These are used to locate references and specific values within tables of data.


Maths and Trigonometry - These are used for rounding, ranking, analysing trends and to calculate probabilities and logarithms.


Statistical - These are used for standard deviation, distributions, square roots, average, median.


Engineering - These are used to handle complex numbers, conversions and measurements.


Information - These are used to identify the contents of cells and determine any errors or blanks.


External - These are used to retrieve data from external sources.


Database - These are used to analyse, count, add and filter data stored in lists or databases.



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