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RTD(progID, server, topic1 [,topic2] [,])

 Returns Real Time Data from a program that supports COM automation.

 progIDThe programmatic ID of the registered COM add-in.
 serverThe name of the server running the add-in.
 topic1The first parameter to pass to the add-in.
 topic2(Optional) The second parameter to pass to the add-in.

  • The RTD COM automation add-in must be installed and registered on the computer.
  • No RTD servers are shipped with Microsoft Office, so you must manually install a real-time data server if you want to use this function.
  • The "progID" must be enclosed in speech marks.
  • The "server" must be enclosed in speech marks.
  • If the real-time data server is being run locally then leave the "server" argument blank.
  • This function will only continuously update when the calculation mode is set to automatic.
  • When using RTD within Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), double quotation marks or the VBA NullString property are required for the server, even if the server is running locally.
  • You can have a maximum of 28 topics.
  • This function was added in Excel 2002.

    3=RTD("BLOOMBERG.RTD","","XS0115748401 COMP","QUOTE_ASK")

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