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What is a VBA Add-in ?


Application specific Add-ins (".xla")


You should always recompile your code before saving your file as an addin.


The code in your project can be compiled by selecting (Debug > Compile).


Any uncompiled code will take slightly longer to run the first time.



Different Types of VBA Add-in ?


You can create VBA add-ins for most of the Office applications (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)


More information about the different applications can be found under the relevant tutorials.


For details about how to create Excel add-ins refer to Excel > Add-ins



Using VBA Add-ins


Always remember to give your addins a name and description. This can be done by filling in the (File > Properties)(Summary tab). The title box is your name and the comments box is your description.


Always remember to give your addin a Project Name. This can be done by selecting (Tools > VBA Project Proeprties)(General tab) and filling in the “Project Name”.



Registry Settings


When an Excel add-in that is listed in the Add-ins dialog box is not ticked (ie not loaded) the a subkey with its full folder path is added to the following registry:


Office 2013 -


Office 2010 -


Office 2007 -


Office 2003 - Office/11.0/Excel/Addin Manager


Knowledge Base Article (291392)


This key is only updated when Excel is closed.


Also refer to Excel > Add-ins > Removing an Excel Add-in


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